Just joined the forum and hoping someone can help.

I have just purchased an Ophan M16 running Android 2.1 update 1 (firmware labelled 0809). I have found that the following issues that I require help with:

1) The battery life in standby (on lock screen) is very poor at about 4 hours. Through investigation I have found two causes, first the devices back (bottom right) was quite hot and I found that the gallery and real media applications were still using processor power when the device was locked. Second I have found that the screen never completely turns off. If you look at the device in darkness you can see light coming from the screen. I can manually terminate the applications, but the brightness issue is still giving me a poor 4 to 5 hour standby time.

2) The accelerometer seems to stop responding after I run any android market place applications that use it. For instance if you use the live wallpapers or the Puzzle Box game the accelerometer first acts in reverse in the application and then when the application is closed it stops responding and requires a restart to start working again.

Thanks for any suggestions or help.