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Thread: Installing Honeycomb on the Flytouch 3 using a PC

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gymir View Post
    The GPU is quite powerful, this is on a flytouch 2 I belive and it has less RAM

    ARM1176JZF-S 1GHz?Linpack 9.8MFlops
    RAM: 256M DDR2 32bit
    Branch video system On2 Hantro 8190?hard ware decode
    RV?H.264?VC-1 H.263 MPEG4?VP6 max 1080p
    3D accelerator VIVANTE GC600
    Frame work IMR Unified Shader
    Features OPENGL ES2.0/1.1?OPENVG
    Products: Zenithink ePad , Gome Flytouch G2

    Theoretically speaking, it has a good performance.

    It has a high level of video hard ware decode, but the system optimization is not enough. It is said that this chip needs a lot of power.

    Performance: 3 out of 5 star
    Video: 4 out of 5 star

    I am sorry you're wrong - FT2/FT3 isn't good enough for future Android versions even for HC (I don't want OS which is working as slow as hell on this poor (but not bad for low requirements users) tablet ) - If you are talking about Honeycomb and you are proud on 9.8 MFLOPS It makes me laugh Fully HC capable tablets have (stock) about 65 MFLOPS. Overclocked Xoom @1.7 gHz have about 227 MFLOPS.
    For FT3 Froyo is 100% optimal. Talking about HC on this equipment is illusion. Ok maybe some day someone make port like on Nook Color but speed and performance always will be sucks.

    If you wanna HC buy some tablet with Tegra 2 on board.
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    Like an unwanted bad smell wiewiorcwaniak drifts in and everyone tries to waft him away and wonders what he's doing here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by aPadTVadmin View Post
    Like an unwanted bad smell wiewiorcwaniak drifts in and everyone tries to waft him away and wonders what he's doing here.
    what am I doing here? telling about real FT3 performance to real performance of fully HC capable tablet. I am user of FT3 and Tegra 2 tablet and I see the huge differences in performance. FT3 is great tablet but on Froyo, but for HC tablet must have better cpu. Even on Nook Color HC is working laggy (Nook Color have better cpu, than FT3). So stop calling someone as good smell or bad. As developer/reseller you could ask Ibex for sources of kernel, or simply for unlock of cpu overclock ability to 1 gHz. On CPU specs there is info that it is up to 1 gHz, we get only 791 mHz.
    Then someone could make port of HC - as cooperative with Nook HC devs. Only then we could test it and give oppinion if is capable on performance.
    Right now this thread is full of myths and speculations since few months.
    This is my opinion not everyone will accept it. I am not care. For now someone who wants HC should get sth on Tegra 2, there is lots of choices.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FlanFlinger View Post
    I do hope the change to my name is the UK and not the US version

    Fencing as in chicken wire, to keep the chickens in, as opposed to the sale of stolen goods or poking people with sharp sticks

    I've already pointed out that it's been ported in some shape or form the lesser endowed devices, but didn't want to again in case our ring tailed friend crawled out of the undergrowth again

    Also the first vid is for flashing a pre prepared image for the nook, so that would be kernel and all
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