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Thread: New Rom from Tim (4c)..released yesterday

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    New Rom from Tim (4c)..released yesterday

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    Has anyone tested Timís new rom yet, which appears to have been released yesterday? Worth noting yesterday it was version 4a, it appears to have had 2 updates since then and is now 4c. Changelog is listed below.


    - remove added realtek drivers in 4b (adhoc connection issue)

    - fix skype crash on login
    - fix external SD incorrect location detected by some apps (link2sd, ...)
    - added e2fsck, mke2fs, tune2fs, resize2fs binaries
    - added loading of wifi sticks Realtek 8192cu and RAL rt5370
    (test to see if it works and report, as I don't have one)

    - based on 20110503 firmware
    - Speed improvements
    - Most Huawei 3G sticks support
    - Flash support for full screen videos
    (still requires a lot of cpu to work, but should work better and fullscreen for most videos,
    make sure you don't have other cpu eating apps running at the same time or it tends to be unstable)
    - fixed installation failed error -18 requiring to remove SD card for certain applications (Angry birds...)
    - backported 16GB tablet format partition fix for Market (refusing to install)
    - added tun.ko kernel module for certain VPNs
    - media scanning Off by default (use Gscript to activate it back, or use QuickPic for Pics and video browsing, and ccplayer for music, faster ! )
    - internal SD card free space is now at /mnt/sdcard and external SD1 is at /mnt/sdcard/sdcard1
    - added GScript to disable/enable media scanning (disabled by default)
    - ask before doing media scanning on SD card insertion
    - updated to latest gmail app
    - updated youtube app to 2.1.6
    - updated titanium app
    - added Gscript to activate/deactivate calendar and contact sync (On by default)
    - Better Keyboard 8 as default
    - Dolphin browser HD
    - added init.d structure call at boot time
    - updated framework and libs
    - updated QuickPic
    - Turned ethernet off and wifi on by default
    - backport most tweaks and modifications
    - added GScript to send top command output
    - added cpunotify
    - added GScript to activate sd speed patch (Off by default)
    - added GScript to activate sysctl battery helper mode (Off by default) (might slow down performance)
    - added GScript for ads blocking On-Off (On by default)

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    You know that there is an existing thread for the rom , right ?

    You already have a lot of feedback provided by those who tested it there:

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    I didn't realise this thread had this info in it

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