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Thread: Gallery problems

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    Gallery problems

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    I have a flytouch 3 with a 16GB storage card, running android 2.2-20110302, kernel zhjun@zhjun-desktop #2, build number FRF85B.

    The problem I am having is when I select Gallery, it shows the items in the Gallery (pictures and movies) for a few seconds then returns to the main screen. I can select one of the folders if I tap it while the screen in populating, but if I wait for more than a few seconds it returns to the previous screen....

    any suggestion to help fix this problem, I like having all my media file accessible from one application.

    Thank you,


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    Possibly as it's building the thumbnails it runs into a problem with one of the images. Can you try with a different selection of images as see if you get different results. Cause could be a non-standard file or maybe one that is too large for the device to collate.

    Best regards,


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    Thank you, too large of a file seemed to be the problem, I think narrowed it down to an 8.21MB photo ...... Do you know what the maximum size file is that Gallery can collate? I don't seem to be able to see anything over 8MB. I can see an 8102kb jpeg, but not an 8214kb jpeg.

    thank you,


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    Hardware wise it should be able to display and process files much higher so at this moment I think it is a limitation of Gallery. I saw on the Market a version of Photoshop (a lite version). I suggest to give this a try for viewing larger images, for slideshows and more automatic displays of images higher than the limit you discovered, maybe another viewing program can achieve this. Do some searches on Market for 'picture viewing' and 'picture' and I'm sure there will be some suitable candidates. My test tablet is not to hand at this moment so I cannot give you an exact suggestion of which app to try. Also we cannot rule out the type of jpeg maybe not compatible in that size range. It may display other formats of a higher quality. I will try some TIFFs when I get a chance.

    Best regards,


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    Thank you very much,

    I think my best option is going to export my pictures from my computer to the SD card using Picasa (or something similar) and set the export settings to the native tablet resolution, the files will be much smaller and everything should work much smoother...

    Thanks again for all of your help and insight...


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