I bought an original? Ibex Flytouch 8 from Dealsprime (http://dealsprime.com/flytouch-8-tab...-ibex-ft8.aspx) and there are a few issues.

1. Display of battery status doesn't work, it doesn't show the current status and never refreshes. That's the main issue.
2. Status-LED for charging doesn't work correctly
3. If device is switched off the battery is discharged after short time
4. Phone terminates operation if somebody calls
5. Phone function (signal) is very very poor
6. WiFi funktion is very poor

I ordered Android 4 device but was delivered with Android 2.3.

Is there an update to a newer Android version that can fix a few of this issues?
If yes - where to download?
Where can I get an instruction/manual how to install a firmware update?
I especially need to know which key combination I have to press to get access to firmware update screen.

Thanks in advance!