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Thread: JXD S7100B - Emulator review

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    JXD S7100B - Emulator review

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    Model: JXD S7100B
    ROM: Bitrider

    Playstation One

    FPse - updated

    Try as I might I could not get the OpenGL plugin to work so BIOS / software GPU is being used. Hardware keys work nicely along with virtual keys for the shoulder buttons. I use the same settings pretty much and I include them below. This emulator works nicely once you've got everything setup, doesn't look as good as it could without the OpenGL plugin but enjoying playing FF8 again.

    Saying that I have had issues with Fear Effect which has audio stutters - you need to play around with frame skipping with this one.

    Settings enabled: Framelimiter, Print FPS, Spusync. (Everything else turned off!)

    Games that played ok: Final Fantasy 8, Gran Turismo, Syphon Filter
    Games with problems: Fear Effect


    CPS2HD - updated

    I've had to change my opinion on this emulator after playing a few more games on it, it seems that the majority of games run ok but I've had numerous control issues with games such as Giga Wing and Mars Matrix where moving the ship about is inconsistent and doesn't always move - not good when you're trying to dodge bullets! Those games you are better off playing on something like Tiger Arcade (or a DREAMCAST!!!! ).

    Key Mapping & Control issues: With the bitrider ROM it would appear you need to switch to android keyboard as the input method if you want to map the hardware keys correctly for this emulator. When using Gamepad as input method mapping light punch to "square" and light kick to "cross" would result in both being light punch.

    Still, the games that work run smooth and play very nicely.

    Games that played ok: Street Fighter Alpha 3, Marvel v Capcom, D&D - Tower of Doom, Armoured Warriors
    Games with problems: Giga Wing, Mars Matrix

    (Due to having 4 buttons, I map weak and strong for the fighters but the choice is yours - the virtual controls are always there on screen.)


    As long as you have all your ROMS in gp32 format this works very nicely, if you need to convert / fix your ROMS the instructions aren't the best but you get there in the end.

    Games played: Loads!

    Tiger Arcade

    This seems to pick up and run the stuff MAME didn't like although the ROMs it finds seems a bit inconsistent, the only problem with the free version is you can't load states. But it works just as well as MAME. This runs Giga Wing and Mars Matrix much better than CPS2HD so it is good to have around.

    Neo Geo


    When you can get the ROMS to load (which I haven't other than Metal Slug) this runs very nicely, mapping hardware keys however is a pain as there are more buttons to map than there are on the S7100B so you have to map the options you don't want to use to one button - don't ever press that button it causes odd stuff to happen!

    Games played: Metal Slug 1



    Performance is ok, not great but ok - Mario Kart lags every now and then. However the main problem is that the S7100B doesn't have enough controls to play stuff like Golden Eye.

    Games Played: Zelda (Ocarina), Re-volt, Super Mario 64, Mario Kart


    This runs very nicely, no problems with this at all.

    Games played: Harvest Moon, FF 6, a few others


    Not used this very much but runs fine from what I've seen.

    Games played: Gradius



    Not used this much, Afterburner 2 looked like crap - Batman 2 seemed to run fine. Mixed bag.


    You owe it to yourself to get GG Shinobi and this emulator, one of the greatest handheld games every made. Oh and Ninja Gaiden is pretty good as well. Not used it to lpay any Master System games but you'd expect this to be able to run those games ok!

    * If anyone wants me to try a certain game or wants more info, let me know. *
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    I installed bitrider but my jxd is on a looping reset.

    what can I do?

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    Unfortunately all S7100B seem to go wrong at some point, mine is now doing the same. It will work while plugged in, but will forget settings and some apps might force close. Shoddy internal build quality rules the day with this model, you can fix it but it means owning a soldering iron. Which I don't. Not sure what I'm going to do with mine.

    Update: I've now fixed my S7100B - have updated my post in the "battery lasts 20mins" thread as well.
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    For SNES - I recommend SNES9X EX, I just find it's more responsive, and faster, i just like it better, but the interface is not that good.

    For Genesis - MD.emu has more features then Gensoid (32x & Sega CD emulation, etc).

    It's all about choice and stuff, just find the emulator and configuration that works best for you. Also - Keep in mind the Kernel that the Bitrider rom is based on is overclocked to 1.2GHz, so you will get more performance than the stock rom.

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    Thanks for that, having just fixed my S7100B (huzzah!) I will try these out as well.

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