My new gadget: "Unknown Novo7_ELF" was shipped to me few days ago... when i opened the box, tablet was half open so i just pressed the screen in the rest of it, turn it on and it was working with on a half battery. woohoo!
Upgrade from Android Market to Google Play Store was very easy but most of the crossplatform apps i'me using on my iPhone 3GS are incompatible
for exapmple:

Instagram - the front camera is not very good but hey, I've got 2 Nikon DSLRs and i'd like to share those pics! (I've tried Asstagram - not bad but that's not it)

Evernote - okay theres no gps but c'mon, the one on my iPhone 3GS is not working as well since BB 6.15 upgrade...

safari browser - nope

chrome beta browser - incompatible

please help; is there some fix, hack or work around for that?