my problem: i have downloaded "n64oid" by p.c. Afterwards i moved the file via "Free Commander" to the "TDDownload" - Folder. Now i used "Android Installer" to install the APK - File. The "JXD" says that it was installed properly. But i canīt run the emulator by choosing the rom - icon, it always loads the pre - installed one (N64droid), which is not as compatible as "n64oid", so, the game wonīt start ( WWF Wrestlemania 2000 ) !!
How can i link the rom to the better emulator ?! I donīt know which version of the "S7100" i have, but there is a folder called "S7100B".

Another Problem: By inserting the SD - Card the wrong way; i had to use a scissor and knives to put it out again. Now i damaged the slot. Is there a repair - facilitiy in EUROPE ( perhaps Germany ) for sending it in ?!

Hope 4 Ur answers,

Dan Micro

( Sorry 4 my bad english, i am german ... )