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Thread: iBex Flytouch 8 3g Phone GPS ICS Tablet PC Welcome Thread

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    iBex Flytouch 8 3g Phone GPS ICS Tablet PC Welcome Thread

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    Welcome to the iBex Flytouch 8 tablet Tablet support forum. Feel feel to post any questions you may have about the FT8, or just say hello.
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    Hello and I would like to ask the owners, if 512MB RAM is enough for this device, or are there some lags etc? Cheers.

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    Trouble with the touch screen

    Hi, I'm overall satisfied with the tablet, but have lot of trouble with the touch screen in phone apps and also in screen keyboards, when I press a key other two or three keys became active; I've try to replace the android screen keyboard with other but the problem persist (less but persist); any hints or other firmware I can try? The Tablet come with android 2.3, 16 mb ram, is fast and nice, but I've those problems!


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    I've a 'SuperPad V10 Generic_Vimicro Android 2.3 10" Tablet' also known as 'FlyTouch 8'.., it has all the 'whistles and bells' attached phone, GPS Wifi etc, dumped on me by chinagrabber.com when I ordered and payed $USD209 for an Android 4.0 10" tab...it was advertised with Google Market installed, plus dual camera's, the manual and box show that it is supposed to be installed....BUT it isn't !
    I have tried getting back to Chinagrabber.com but they have 'disappeared' off the Net...
    MY question is, can I get GOOGLE MARKET installed onto this Tablet somehow, so that I can d/load apps from G/M...I have other App sites to d/load from but G/M is on my mobile phone and some G/M apps are not avilable from these low sites.

    Can anybody help me please ???

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    Hello everyone I bought the tablet Flytouch 8 on the internet and I received it on August 24, yesterday, the tablet does not work anymore, black screen and nothing else. How can I restore the original firmware? Can someone help me, it is very urgent.

    P.S. I'm Italian and I used GOOGLE TRANSLATOR to write the post.

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    I had the same problem today with my new pad. I solved it by using the reset button located at the back of the pad and got my screen back.
    There appears to be no browser loaded on, and I had to download google chrome from the apps to get any internet service at all.
    I still cannot get the bbci player to work at all, despite doenloading adobe flash player.
    It's taken me all day to set this up, even after returning everything to factory setting. The pre installed apps and programmes just do not work!

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    Hello guys, new member here in need of help
    I just bought a 10,2 inch Flytouch 8 android tablet and have a problem
    The batterry shows that is at 100% but as soon as i unplug the charger it stops working.
    Thanks in advance for any kind of help

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    Were you able to troubleshoot your issue?

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    Hello, lots of problem with this pad. Can you describe the location of the reset button to me pls maybe it will solve the issue with my pad. Thanks

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    Hmmm... i got the rest button but added to my tab problem. all application stops working!!! I tried to update, device cannot execute update. Can someone help

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