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Thread: ibex Flytouch 5 Update to Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3

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    Post ibex Flytouch 5 Update to Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3

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    Please find below the download link to the ibex approved Flytouch 5 Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3 Upgrade.

    This update brings your Stock ibex Flytouch 5 up to Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich.

    You will need to use the reflash tool on a PC and you will need a male to male USB cable.

    The tool is included in the archive.

    4.0.3 ICS Flytouch 5 Update

    You will get around 200K a sec+ in free mode from the download link, however if anyone wants faster download speeds, just pop me a private message and I will send you a Gold Key.
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    I've been happy with the Android v2.3 as shipped as everything that I want to do with it seems OK, even GPS. So I've never looked at upgrading to v4.0.3 as many others have but now this ibex approved file is available, I'll give it a go. I connect the Flytouch all the time via the USB-USB cable to my Linux Desktop and shuffle files back and forward, so I know that I've got a functional USB link.

    What is this reflash tool you mention and where is it located - is it in the ICS Flytouch 5 Update rar file?

    There seems to have been a number of Flash tools mentioned in various forum sites but I'd like to use the one that is recommended for this ibex approved update.

    I assume the reflash tool is a Windows .exe file (XP or WIn7) but I would be pleased to hear from anyone who could tell me how to update using this new ICS Flytouch 5 Update file from a Linux system.

    Thanks, phil

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    Installed with very little problems but find that auto screen rotation is not working (yes I have ticked the auto-rotate box) any suggestions

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    It should work, but it is more stable the in the 2.3... it only rotate the screen if you keep your tablet vertically, otherwise it won't rotate.

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    it does work if it's vertical before it worked horizontally but as long as it works that's the main thing thanks

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    Approved User ghdriessen is on a distinguished road
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    Dec 2011
    The netherlands
    can somebody tell me how to use this update. when i open the file i only get questionmarks.

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    Approved User ghdriessen is on a distinguished road
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    Dec 2011
    The netherlands
    This one doesn't work on my tablet. I found out how to use it, followed all the steps nothing. I tried several times but after restarting the tablet everything is still the same.
    Strangely during the upgrade you can see the statusbar only go half way and then stopps but stil says done.

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    Approved User ghdriessen is on a distinguished road
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    Dec 2011
    The netherlands
    finally got it to work, with the use of a different flashtool and repeating the procedure 3 times.
    Everything works fine, except i noticed that WIFI is not as stable anymore then before.

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    Hi aPadTVadmin and everybody
    I've been happy with my Superpad since I've discovered the famous GPS problem (the location is locked on Shanghai and can't be changed)
    I've read many threads here on apad.tv forum and find the only solution by upgrading the FW.
    Do you think is better the FW in this thread or the latest Gabros'FW?
    Here are the specifications of my tablet

    Android Tab10

    Android Version
    V2.3 2011-09-19(001112)

    Kernel Version


    Other Specifications:
    ・ 10.2-inch(1024*600 pixels) WXGA touch screen Android Mobile Internet Device;
    ・ Support Android market , Internet browser, online chat, Game, Photo Frame, Email, Camera and Google Map etc.
    ・ Support video decoder HD1080P.
    ・ Wi-Fi connection to support web browser, instant messenger, e-mail, online music playback;
    ・ With G-sensor function;
    ・ Support USB host
    ・ Multimedia center supports video/audio playing, photo viewing, clock, alarm, calculator, and recording (third party software copyright licenses required if necessary);
    ・ Support E-book
    ・ Support Microsoft Office Work.Excell and Powerpoint and email viewing
    ・ Support Google Map and GPS navigation
    ・ Support 3D Games
    ・ 8GB built-in NAND flash and maximum 32GB TF card supported .
    ・ Built in 4000mAh Li-polymer battery
    ・ Support TV-Out function

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