I have written a “How To” for the iMiTO AM801 and Blitz RS8 Android tablets.

This “How To” has several purposes.

It will show how to:
# back up and save your full system
# recover your tablet if you “brick” it
# install and try other Android versions
# go back to your original set up.

It contains updates for:
# Gingerbread (iMiTO and Blitz versions 2.3.1)
# two versions of Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) both iMiTO versions 4.0.3.

While the method will save the critical system files and apps, it will not save those apps that you subsequently installed and they will have to be backed up separately.

The process involves rooting your tablet, but the rooting method used is reversible.

The rooting method will only work with the Gingerbread versions (2.3.x) and not with Ice Cream Sandwich versions (4.0.x).

I have uploaded the “How To” as a MS Word 97-2003 “Doc” to: