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Thread: Battery and charging

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    Battery and charging

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    Over the last several days and using the app Battery Notifier (Big Text), I have been investigating why, on occasions, my unit's battery was discharged.

    The obvious cause is that it was left on and I can reconcile with that. However I also noticed that at times that battery was being discharge at a far greater rate than expected.

    I found the following situations:

    1. USB connected to PC - tablet automatically booted when plugged in but discharged at a much faster rate than simply turned on but not connected to the PC

    I was expecting the tablet to be able to be charged via the PC using the USB connection as the majority of other devices do such as MP3 players, GPS, phones, etc.

    2. For the next trick, I used a wall socket with a USB output. The same happened. The unit automatically booted, discharged rapidly and did not charge as expected.

    Now there appears to be three main conclusions:

    1. The tablet can only be charged via the power socket and not via the USB

    2. The tablet uses a propriety USB charging cable (I simply used a standard USB micro cable).

    3. If charging via a USB cable, the tablet must be turned off after automatically booting (I have yet to test this, but I have doubts as to a solution)
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