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Thread: New Superpad2 FlyTouch3 Firmware Download With Adobe Flash 10.1 (Third Release)

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    Dear Fang , i totally agree for the video tutorial and i am waiting for a solution at the reduction of internal memory to 837mb. The apps2sd program didnt work for me(says unable to move the application) , so i cant transfer the apps to sd card (8gb).

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    I too am in favor of a video tutorial. I am waiting for my FT3 to be delivered soon (hopefully before end of this week - fingers crossed), and was planning to create some videos myself for everyone's benefit:

    (1) Unboxing
    (2) First-time setup (location, calibration etc)
    (3) Update to new firmware (if required)
    (4) Hardware and installed software walkthrough (num of slots, location of camera; version info etc.)
    (5) Demo of flash running
    (6) How to install AngryBirds
    (7) Anything else that would be useful for a new user

    I can do everything except 6 (I don't play AngryBirds). So if you can start off with a few on the list, I can help provide whatever's left once I get my FT3.

    Thanks again!

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    Thank you. Works fine. At last flash!!!!

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    This is interesting: before the upgrade, under "My PAD" it said I had around 373mb available. After upgrade, it says I have 2.29gb available. Under "Settings > SD card & device storage" it says I have a bit over 800mb storage.....

    That is, all local storage. SD card has a bunch more than that.

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    thats exactly my problem too fang, the memory before and after the update, any ideas?

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    Quote Originally Posted by manusos View Post
    Hello again ,
    After some testing i can tell you the following , i used another sd without anyfiles and still gives me errors in installation but there is a way to install it if u just unmount the sd , no need to put it back as the previous firmware (error note enough space) i ve installed both angry birds and it worked like a charm , i will try later to use apps2sd to move them cause as i said you before at settings the internal memory storage is limited to 800mb, but in the file explorer i see that i have 2.2gb , any ideas?
    i must say that the scrolling is better and the touch screen behaves better after the update , so keep up the good work.
    YES!! Manusos is da shizzle! After unmounting and removing the TF card all the games I have been locked out of downloaded beautifully. Thank you so much.

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    Smile Arabic font for internet

    i insatalled the new firnware .

    how about Arabic font for internet ,i see that Android 2.3 have it but 2.2 not suported
    can i upgrade to 2.3?
    and if yes how ?


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    Quote Originally Posted by bennoura View Post
    i insatalled the new firnware .

    how about Arabic font for internet ,i see that Android 2.3 have it but 2.2 not suported
    can i upgrade to 2.3?
    and if yes how ?

    No updates to 2.3 at present bennoura.

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    Hi, I'm not having any luck with this update. I've decompressed the files to the root of the SD card and inserted it into my Flytouch 3 and started it up. It just starts up normally and doesn't even notice the files on the SD card.

    I definitely have the files in the root of the card, I've formatted and copied them so they are the only files on the card, there are no other files or folders. The card is fine, I can save the files to it, the Flytouch 3 sees it and can open files, I've watched a movie on it with the Flytouch 3.

    Does the version of Android I'm running matter for this update? Do I need to install all previous updates first?

    I've got a Flytouch 3 from ChinaGrabber.
    I'm running Android 2.1, it was supposed to ship with 2.2 (and a user manual). When I try a System Update, which I assume is for updating the version of Android, it just gives the following error: "Failed in checking for updates ERR 301". I've gotten updates for other apps in the notification area that worked fine.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aPadTVadmin View Post

    PS regarding how Android handles its internal memory, I can tell you it's a normal process to have the internal storage used for many system functions. Including cache partitions and so on. I have a Samsung Galaxy P1000 here and it handles it's internal storage exactly the same as the SP2 FT3. I can post screenshots if you would be interested.

    How much memory does your (aPadTVadmin) superpad 2 show after the new installation ? 800mb or 1.7 gb ? Does the earlier version automatically gets wiped and space released ?

    What are the additional features of firmware 3, besides Adobe flash and installion of Angry birds ?

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