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Thread: onda v140 elite

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    onda v140 elite

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    hi to everybody on forum 1st time on ,what i need to know has the onda v140 elite
    been discontinued because too many bugs or is it still awaiting stock deliverys from manufactuers, if thats the case when can we expect sales to be completed

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    the Onda VI40 should be released within the next 7-10 days. Factories like Onda Ainol and Teclast are ramping up production, buying IPS screens, and waiting for workers to return from production lines.

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    Hi to everybody.Were ips screen are made ?

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    hi to all gave up on the onda v140 elite ,order 11/1/12 did not receive by 22/2/12 but amy kept me imformed of the situation and suggested a alternative a teclast a15 which is now sitting in my hand sent the 24/2/12 received in uk 29/2/12
    well done amy thanks great service now all i need is info on settings etc any help out there

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    Glad to hear CG Amy and the A15 worked out for you!

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    Onda Vi40 Elite is in stock and ships out on Monday! Finally

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    Onda Vi40 vs JXD S900 comparison review

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    Since I paied Onda Elite vi40 16GB + one HDMI cable on january 31, today at 4:40Am I received an email alert when CG says my order Have been shipped trought HKPost!! I'm excited, it looks like VI40 production is ready, now I have to be patient and see what arrives.
    I must confess I was loosing control and seriously thinking change my order and ask for the Gemei G9 that looks great but Onda desing really turned on me first time I see it.
    Good news from Chinagrabber

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    Hey man, can you get me Amy's email address from China Grabber? I recently ordered an Onda Vi40 tab. They assured me it would be shipped within 24 hours. I have yet to recieve a tracking number (its been 5 days), and they will not respond to emails or phone calls. I'm about to call the Portland, OR, police and let them know they have a fraudulent company in their city. Any help here would be great. Thanks!

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