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Thread: Ainol Novo 7 Aurora IPS Tablet PC Released Reviews

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    waiting for the aurora (ordered at chinagrabber end of january)

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    Just chiming in as another buying waiting for some news on his order of an aurora at chinagrabber. ordered a 16gb black model on 1/29/2012 6:52 AM and waiting for the 'payment received' status to change to something else (logging in 3 times each day doesn't seem to speed it up, unfortunately)
    read here and there that it's not just me, apparently ainol can't really keep up with demand.. will post if my order status changes or if I get a reply to one of my information requests (one by email, one via the 'contact us now' form on their website)

    I want it SO bad.....

    EDIT (20feb): just received word that they will be shipping out auroras in a week or so... (reply from the webform) will post if it happens

    EDIT: well, last week chinagrabber posted a notice saying how there were even more problems at the ainol factory, but they offered some other pads as replacements, so I chose a teclast 9" which promptly got sent to me the day after changing my offer. Oh, well, too bad, it looked pretty shiny, but I couldn't wait any longer.
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    Yes, they already shipped out most of their 8gb orders. Ainol has not released the 16gb yet, but ChinaGrabber will get the first batches as they have priority with Ainol. Hold tight everyone!

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    Well I'd love to have it too...cept it hasn't shipped yet. 3 weeks and counting...

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    Yes, patience is key. Anyone who have this been able to get the Bluetooth Share to work?

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    Limited quantities of 16gb Aurora's should start shipping soon from ChinaGrabber and maybe GadgetGreats. Hold tight everyone!

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    hopefully the 16g Aurora's arrive shortly! http://www.prlog.org/11805663-ainol-...blet-fans.html

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    The 16gb Novo7 Aurora release date has been pushed back to March 18th. Announcement thread is here: http://www.apad.tv/apadforum/showthr...0375#post20375

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    I'm sorry but this is not good enough, I orderd my device on the 15th of Feb (21:22), that makes today, day 12 of the delivery that was quantified as 7 to 10 days, as I have paid for express delivery. I have e-mailed chinagrabber and had no response, this morning when I went on to there website there is this note now!

    Why were we not notified about this directly, and why was there was no information on there web listing for this device that the 16Gb version was not released yet! (This is the one I orderd)


    Yes, they already shipped out most of their 8gb orders. Ainol has not released the 16gb yet
    I have also checked the Ainol website and there is no information at all about problems with this device as is stated on the notice!

    I will be contacting Ainol directly very soon to find out more about this 'problem' with the IPS screen.

    So... back to my order, as there has been no atempt to contact me, or even send the other products I ordered, then chinagrabber is inbreach of the delivery contract that was agreed with me, and as such is charging for a sevice they are not providing, wich is fraud.

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    Now, i'm wondering the Ainol Novo8 is the Ainol NOVO 7 update version?
    From the youtube video, i haven't distinguish it clearly.

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    16gb Aurora will have the Android Market pre-installed and is Android 4.0.3

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