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Thread: Ainol Novo 7 Aurora IPS Tablet PC Released Reviews

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    Thanks for responding. I do use the am a z on app store to get most of my stuff. The kids will have a fit if they have access to a tablet that can play angry birds and then they will leave my phone alone. I need one that I can do some simple reading and work on.

    Is there a place with china grabber reviews on this board? My searches are coming up with much, just notes by people who have ordered. The reviews online aren't that great.

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    There is a Ainol Novo 7 Aurora review thread here:


    ChinaGrabber is a verified seller and you can view other reviews on them here:


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    Yes, ChinaGrabber is a legit supplier of the Aurora. I got my tablet in 10 days! Free shipping to.

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    Anyone come up with a market fix for the Aurora yet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by iloveorphan View Post
    Anyone come up with a market fix for the Aurora yet?
    Yes look here!


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    Unfortunately my Aurora has not even despatched from Chinagrabber yet. I ordered it on 24th January and beside that they told me that the order will be despatched after 3 February is still not. Today i contacted them again and yet they do not answered me. I do not know what time is there now. I am from Greece. Can you please admin help me? I ordered the Ainol Novo 7 Aurora Android 4.0 Tablet PC - 7.0" IPS Capacitive 1.2GHz 16GB - Novo7 Aurora with 16GB storage capacity

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    Unfortunately it seems we are set for a delay on these devices, beyond what we originally anticipated. Ainol advised that there have been manufacturing issues with the casing which has caused manufacturing on a mass production scale to be set back by up to a week while these issues are addressed. This being the case any units already shipped may have a fault. (no idea exactly what this is) So I think we will have to sit and wait as the various suppliers will ship them as soon as they get them.

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    is there any remote for the aurora tablet? it could be cool to have a remote control when it is attached to a tv... IMHO

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    Looks like Ainol are now distributing the Aurora. Chinagrabber have e-mailed me to say mine has shipped!

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    Good to hear that. Be sure to give us a review of your Aurora.

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