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Thread: Ainol Novo 7 Aurora IPS Tablet PC Released Reviews

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    Ainol Novo 7 Aurora IPS Tablet PC Released Reviews

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    The Ainol Novo 7 Aurora is the 1st 7-inch tablet in the world to boast IPS capacitive multi-touch technology. What is the difference between the Elf and the Aurora? Well both run Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS. Both have a 1.2GHz Allwinner Many CORE CPU. It also has HDMI out, comes with a free HDMI cable, has Bluetooth Share and Web Camera. The Aurora, like the Elf does not have Google Android Market pre-installed. It will take some Guru's on forums to first Root, then release a market fix. The tablet ships out on Monday is supply is very limited.

    Note: Dual Core Ainol novo 7 Aurora II with LG IPS screen is available here

    Disounted Single Core Aurora here
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    More video will be added shortly.
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    This tablet is Available at the following authorized Aurora resellers:

    Ebay A-grade Aurora http://www.ebay.com/sch/shos260288/m.html
    China Grabber
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    New Ainol Novo 7 Aurora support section has been opened here: http://www.apad.tv/apadforum/forumdi...-Novo-7-Aurora

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    Novo7 Aurora Update: The Novo 7 Aurora is only in stock in 16gb and not 8gb as some customer have bought. 8gb Aurora's will be available early February. If you orderd a 8gb Aurora, you can pay the difference in price for upgrade.

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    Found two new Aurora Video Reviews. It looks like in addtion to the IPS screen, it is also thinner than the Elf.

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    I was sold on the Elf until I saw this. To clarify, although you can't get to the marketplace at this time, does the ****** app work on this tablet? Also how much success have people had with Chinagrabber? ****** re-sellers seem to be selling these tablets at twice the list price, so though I'm new to the tablet thing, it would be worth the savings to go elsewhere.

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    Google Android market isn't all that anymore, "Am az on" App Market is quickly catching up with it and doesn't have as many restrictions, not to mention there are many other alternatives you can find if you just search "Google Android Market alternatives" so don't let market be your selling point, as you have many alternatives, I for one plan on getting this because it has a fairly quick response, and solid yet "se xy" look to it

    why did it censor the word "Am az on" without spaces?
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