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Thread: Loss of setting and apps from Market

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    Unhappy Loss of setting and apps from Market

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    I recently bought a Flytouch 3 for my daughter (as Christmas gift...) but have some problems. Settings (like Language) and any apps downloaded from Market are lost after power off - power on. It appears like a factory reset being performed...

    Any ideas?

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    Before answering your question, we need to know what model you have. Check /Settings//About Device and give us the model number and Android Version.

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    OK, here it is:
    Model number: DISCO10
    Android version: 2.2-20110803

    (I have the TIM_v6a ROM)

    Best Regards and thanks!

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    Hmmm, some more info:
    I thought I had the Tim6a ROM but after watching a video on Youtube on how to update (to make sure I did it properly) it appears that I am not able to flash the ROM. I have all the "proper" messages when I boot the FT3 with the FT card mounted, but I don't get the TIM splash screen when starting it again.

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