My Facepad P041 model, android 2.2, kernel, build FRF85G.

I think I tried using the wrong firmware for this device and am receiving the following error:

System attempts to boot, no vibration, screen turns to black and white bars across screen. Goes black (i think it is trying to boot again), and repeats three times.

Then I receive the error "System is demaged, please try recover from external storage."

I've tried to reflash #49 and #153 builds of the P041 firmware. The tablet reads the SD card attempts to load the system.img and other files, but each one fails. I usually receive the "update failed," or similar message depending on the version of firmware I'm trying to burn.

Is this a hardware issue? If hardware, is it a memory issue? Can I blank the system memory somehow?

If it is a firmware issue, is it timing out?

I'm open to ideas and suggestions?

Many thanks in advance.