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Thread: SuperPAD II: System is demaged, please try recover from external storage.

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    SuperPAD II: System is demaged, please try recover from external storage.

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    I was trying to flash my superpad tablet with the apad firmware (www_apad_tv-9v_Facepad-P041-Firmware). I am using a P041 device with android 2.2 and the original build was FRF85B.

    I burned the image files to an SD card and used the combination "power" & "volume minus" buttons to boot from the SD card, which it did. The update progressed for a moment and then hanged. The tablet rebooted and then the trouble began.

    Now at bootup I get a screen with black and white bars that disappears after a few seconds, then repeats three times before giving me the error, "System is demaged, please try recover from external storage."

    I've tried the IUW tool and other versions of firmware from the SD card. No luck. The system will attempt to Update U0 from the sd card, to burn the system.img, logo, and other files, but ultimately fails.

    Any suggestions?

    I also cracked open the case and removed the battery connection to the board thinking it was the result of something stuck in memory. No luck. I still get the same errors.

    Why would the tablet not be able to burn the img files?

    I've plugged a male-to-male USB in to the respective ports. Of the two USB ports on the superpad tablet, one does nothing, the other at least turns the power indicator light to blue. No combination of ports causes the PC to ask for drivers. How do I get my PC to recognize the tablet?

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    Hiya, I'm not sure if anyone can help here as you really should try the P041 Forum. I don't think your device supports USB to PC connection, I know the FT3 doesn't.

    It could be that the internal SD card is damaged and so won't accept being flashed (assuming the P041 uses an internal SD card). I've never opened one up so am not sure.

    I'm sorry I'm not much help

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