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    by Published on 08-23-2014 06:11 AM
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    Today we have taken delivery of a new tablet PC from Teclast. So without further delay we bring you a Teclast P8 Air Review. The Teclast P8 Air 's design is aimed at high-performance with a reasonable price. Sounds predictable, but I hear you say "what is the quality like?"

    The build quality is a lot better than I expected for such a low priced tablet PC. All of the specifications are more than respectable. Namely the A80T system board obtains excellent 40K Antutu benchmark test result scores. The 9.7" IPS Retina display is running at a pixel resolution of 2048x1536, so perfect for viewing high quality HD photos. And here is where the Teclast P8 comes in to it's own, because as the A80T is so powerful, the resolution of 2048x1536 offers excellent HD video presentation.

    So we know the Teclast P8 Air is a great media viewing device, but I hear you say "what else can you use all that power for?" Well firstly the general speed of the tablet is a dream to use, but also when running multiple apps and gaming. Offering an ultra smooth experience. No hang ups, and browsing the Google Playstore and downloading and running apps is perfect, smooth and stable. Currently the P8 Air A80T is unrivalled in terms of power consumption, performance and cost. There are OctaCore tablets getting marginally higher benchmarks, that is true, but the power consumption on those tablets is no where near as optimized as the A80T based devices.

    Making the Teclast P8 Air A80T currently the best choice. Performance and power consumption is everything in the realm of portable devices. Then there is the luxurious nature of a device, such as the cosmetic build quality, the durability of the physical construction, and then a key factor is the reliability of the Android 4.4 firmware. Then all of those factors prop up the final factor which is the screen quality. The Teclast P8 Air A80T ticks all of these boxes.

    In summery the Teclast P8 Air A80T offers you everything you need for a perfect tablet experience, with the dream like A80T System CPU board. The 2GB of RAM and the large 32GB ROM, with Bluetooth, GPS, and dual cameras.

    To buy the Teclast P8 Air A80T, visit this apad.tv approved recommended buy link. Thank you for reading and stay tuned to apad.tv for all the latest news and reviews on tablet PC's and Smartphones.
    by Published on 07-09-2014 12:10 PM
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    It is with great pleasure that apad.tv brings to you a Ainol Note7 Fire Review. First we would like to thank the great team here who kindly sent us the review unit. The new Ainol Note7 Fire is a top specification OctaCore Android Tablet PC. From first impressions of this new tablet from the popular brand Ainol, the Note7 Fire is good quality and good value. We where sent the gold model, but the unit is also available in black. The Ainol Note7 Fire has smooth well fitting edges with exceptional durability and smooth performance from our initial testing and inspection.

    This tablet is not just a tablet, it's a Phablet! This phone tablet has full 3G data and full phone calling ability. So great for outdoor adventures, filming video, taking pics, and with the built-in 3G you can connect to the Internet while your out and about. There is a long list of good respectable specifications, such as OctaCore 1.7 GHz CPU, ample RAM and storage memory, dual front and back cams, Bluetooth 4.0, 7" Full HD display and much more. Click any of the tablet pics to be taken to the full specifications. The built-in Bluetooth 4.0 also lets you connect the tablet to your car for GPS and audio interactivity. Such as playing music or video sound through your car's audio system.

    You can order the Ainol Note7 Fire right now from apad.tv's recommended reseller of Ainol tablets, who is an official authorized recognized supplier for many years now. They include free worldwide shipping direct to your door, and express shipping is available. They include everything you will need including the correct mains power plugs depending where your location is.
    So you can be up and running the moment you open the box, charge the tablet and switch it on. Here is the direct link to order yourself a new Ainol Note7 Fire. apad.tv highly recommends this new OctaCore tablet for it's great value and great performance. We hope you enjoyed this review of the Ainol Note7 Fire, stay tuned to apad.tv for new Android tablet and phone news.
    by Published on 06-11-2014 12:23 PM
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    Today a new iPhone style Android handset arrived for review, so thanks goes to the nice girls here, who kindly sent it to us. So today we bring you a Jiayu G5S Review. The G5S is a new high-end offering from the now well known brand Jiayu. The G5S features a powerful line-up of components, including an OctaCore CPU and 32GB of system and storage ROM.

    The RAM on Jiayu G5S is 2GB, making the G5S is the top-tier of Android phone memory. The casing on the Jiayu G5S has a metal surround with a black or white front and rear panel. The construction is fairly robust and protects the powerful components inside from damage. The weight of the Jiayu G5S is a respectable 384 grams.

    The Jiayu G5S has dual Sim slots that offer dual Sim standby. Which means you can make and receive calls on both Sims when they are inserted into the phone. The G5S phone has 2G GSM 900/1800 MHz and 3G WCDMA 900/2100 MHz, meaning you can use this phone worldwide.

    The rear 13 Mega Pixel camera on the G5S is ideal for shooting photos and HD video. The G5S also has all of the other features you would expect from a high-end smartphone, such as WiFi, Bluetooth, and unlocked as standard (so you can insert any industry standard compatible GSM 2G/3G Sim cards).

    The Jiayu G5S is available to order right now from the nice team here. Stay tuned to apad.tv for the latest news and tech tips in our forums. Also feel free to follow the apad.tv Twitter feed to stay up to date with the latest updates. Thank you for reading, we hope you enjoyed this Jiayu G5S Review.

    Full Jiayu G5S Specs here.
    by Published on 05-19-2014 06:50 PM
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    It is with pleasure that we bring you a Pipo P8 Review today, featuring the new RK3288 SOC, we are in for some real power and impressive scalable performance. First off we should thank the great guys over here for kindly sending us a preview tablet for our Pipo P8 Review.

    First off we open the packaging and like previous Pipo tablets the packaging is professional and looks nice. The tablet build quality is good, and feels like it is worth twice the value of the actual asking price, which is superb at it's price of just above 200 USD at the time of publishing this review. To check the latest price click here.

    Click to view larger pictures

    Buy the Pipo P8 RK3288 now!

    With a 7.9" screen Pipo have opted for a popular size. Striking a good balance between portability and practical use. The main and most exciting feature of the Pipo is the new RK3288 system board. We couldn't wait one moment and after booting up and ensuring the unit had a good battery charge we ran Antutu Benchmark. Which produced a whopping 35225 Antutu Benchmark points, which is an awesome score.

    So for such a low price, but yet such a powerful CPU system board, I hear you ask "are there any gaps in the Pipo P8's specifications that enable them to charge such a low price?" well the CPU is clocked in at 1.8 GHz, so all good there, we have Dual front and back cameras, with both cameras having a reasonably good MP rating. The screen is Retina at 2048x1536, 2GB of DDR3 RAM, 16GB of internal storage and system memory. That's right, all good specifications, and there's more, Bluetooth, GPS, 2 internal loud speakers, and a battery life of between 4 to 7 hours.

    The reason the battery life can vary between 4 to 7 hours is due to the excellent scalable power saving functionality of the RK3288. At this time the RK3288 is a pre-order item, so get your orders in now over at this apadtv approved recommended Pipo reseller. The Pipo P8 is another great tablet from Pipo and we are all confident at apadtv that you won't be disappointed with such an excellent new RK3288 Android tablet. Thank you for reading this Pipo P8 Review and stay tuned to apadtv for more news and reviews.

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    by Published on 02-12-2014 04:41 AM
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    Today at apadtv we just received an Onda V975m for review. The Onda V975m is a brand new quad core tablet from Onda aimed at the power user who is looking to spend just over 200 USD. For the price range you're getting a high spec tablet with Onda's well known good build quality. The V975m is also a good looking tablet. So without further waffle, let's get stuck in to the nitty gritty details.

    The nice large 9.7" screen on the V975m has a high resolution native pixel display of 2048x1536 and looks stunningly crisp. The color and definition on the screen component is very satisfying, and it seems Onda have chosen a high quality screen for the V975m.

    "So how powerful is the Onda V975m?" I hear you ask. The Onda V975m is extremely powerful due to its 2.0GHz quad core Amlogic M802 Cortex A9 CPU. Paired up nicely with a Mali 450 MP6 (Yes MP6!) GPU. Producing an Antutu benchmark score of over 30,000 points!

    OK, so now we've established this is the most powerful and energy efficient Android tablet available, what else is good about it? The 16GB of storage is fine and can easily be expanded via the TF-card slot, and the 2GB of DDR3 RAM is the current maximum on all Android devices released so far. The screen has an impressive ten point touch sensor ability. Dual cams are perfect for taking photos or shooting HD video and also great for video chats such as Skype.

    The Onda V975m firmware is well polished and obviously helps this fast machine obtain its impressive 30k Antutu score. The V975m includes Google Playstore pre-installed, so you can access all of the Google Apps and services you desire.

    The Onda V975m also supports 4K video playback. Which is a good indicator of how well the unit performed in our media playback tests. Handling every file we threw at it with ease. With the HDMi output port this tablet is also a luxurious media playback upgrade for any HDTV and also brings all of the smart TV functionality of an Android device.

    So now we know what you're thinking, all this power and high specification must come at a heavy cost to battery life right? Wrong, the Onda V975m has a 8500 mAh battery that provides 8 to 10 hours of constant use. And a massive standby time, that was so long we where unable to measure it in our tests as we ran out of time before going to press!

    The Onda V975m is apadtv's new favorite tablet PC and we hope everyone loves this unit as much as we do. You can buy the Onda V975m right now from here. We hope you enjoyed this Onda V975m Review and stay tuned to apadtv for more Android gadget news.

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    by Published on 01-23-2014 04:59 AM
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    We hope you enjoy this Ainol Numy BW1 Review. Our review tablet was kindly provided by the nice team here. The Ainol BW1 is a new 7 inch phone tablet offering 3G and dual Sim standby.

    The screen on the BW1 is a 7" IPS touch panel with a resolution of 1024x768. The Quad Core CPU is clocked at 1.2GHz and is a power efficient MT8389WMK. The 1GB DDR3 RAM serves the tablet well, providing ideal performance to energy consumption balance. While system storage memory is an adequate 8GB. The build of Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2 is a smooth fast build of operating system. Well crafted by the veteran Devs at Ainol. With the 10-point touch screen the user experience is very slick indeed.

    GPS and Bluetooth 4.0 are built-in. There is also support for HDMi 1.4a. Along with the great low price, versatile phone, data, and 3G connectivity. The Ainol Numy BW1 gets apadtv's recommended status and you can buy from our recommended Ainol seller here. Feel free to comment, ask questions and share this article with your friends. Thank you for reading this Ainol Numy BW1 Review.

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    by Published on 01-09-2014 09:39 AM
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    We really enjoyed making this Tengda F5189 Phone Review, as the new F5189 Smartphone is really an excellent phone tablet with a real zing to it. A nice large 7 inch IPS display gives you a real feeling of freedom compared to the cramped display of a Samsung S5. With a resolution of 1280*800 the definition is high, but yet you still reap full performance. An ideal resolution in our opinion. We where kindly supplied our review model by the excellent guys and girls here.

    "So you want a monster sized 3G phone? Or you want a tablet? Or you want a 3G portable Internet device?". Well the Tengda F5189 is all of the above. With 3G, a large screen for a phone, and the type of luxury functionality you would normally associate with a tablet PC. Also with the F1589's dual sim stand-by function, you can take calls while you are browsing the web or using social media.

    The Quad Core 1.2GHz CPU strikes a perfect balance between performance and power consumption. Featuring dual front and back cams the F5189 Phone has all of the bells and whistles you would expect from a top of the range handset, except the price is extremely competitive. The CPU MTK8389 system board has the Cortex A7 quad core CPU and the PowerVR SGX 544 GPU.

    The F5189 has been built to run Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean and the firmware provides a smooth pleasurable user experience. RAM is 1GB with a 8GB Nand ROM for system and storage.

    The body of the phone is made from a high quality plastic. In white it feels very Samsung like when in the hand. For more specifications and to buy from apadtv's recommended reseller of the Tengda F5189, visit this link now and order yourself one of these smooth slick phones. Also, the link above contains video reviews of the Tengda F5189 phone.

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    by Published on 12-16-2013 07:37 AM
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    Today apadtv is excited to bring you a Chuwi V99X 3G Review. This new tablet from the expert designers at Chuwi has some great new features and some a new innovative internal 3G docking port. The internal 3G USB dongle port looks to be the future standard for high-end Android tablets that have internal 3G. The great team over at DealsPrime kindly provided our review model.

    This Chuwi V99X 3G Review only highlights the excellent performance and features of this stunning new Android tablet from Chuwi. With a 9.7" Retina 10-Point Multi-touch display the Chuwi V99X 3G is am ultra quick performer. The Chuwi V99X 3G features an internal easy to open port with a 3G dongle inside. Open the the small panel and you can insert alternative 3G dongles. This is really useful if you have more than 1 3G accounts/dongles or if your region has a slightly different 3G standard and you need to use a locally spec'd 3G dongle. The Chuwi V99x 3G dongle compatibility list will be posted shortly within the apadtv support forum for Chuwi Android tablets. Also check the comments section of this Chuwi V99X 3G Review.

    The Display is one of the significant features of the V99X, with a resolution of 2048x1536, offering ultra crisp and bright life like images. But the deluxe nature of the tablet doesn't stop there, with 2GB of DDR3 RAM the tablet is in the top spec tier of tablets. WiFi b/g/n is supported so you can enjoy the high speed WiFi N standard.

    The V99X 3G's communication features continues to deliver the goods with Bluetooth 4.0 and Built-in 3G. Power is plenty with the Chuwi V99X 3G featuring a huge Built-in 9500mAh rechargeable battery. The back cam is rated at 8 Mega Pixel for ultra crisp picture and video recording. The CPU inside the V99X 3G is a powerful Quad Core RK3188 Cortex A9 operating at 1.6 GHz. This CPU is currently the best and most power efficient Android focused CPU currently available.

    Tell your friends about this review using the share buttons and we eagerly look forward to your comments and questions. The Chuwi V99x 3G has obtained apadtv's seal of approval, and we highly recommend it.

    You can buy this 1st class new Android now from the nice guys and girls over at DealsPrime.

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    by Published on 11-18-2013 06:27 AM
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    The Jiayu G5 Advanced, is the latest version of the Jiayu G5 to be released. Not to be confused with lesser spec'd editions of the G5, the Advanced is the fully loaded deluxe model. With highlights such as a 1280x720 IPS display, 2GB DDR3 RAM, 1.5 GHz, 32GB Internal storage, a 13 MegaPixel camera and a 4.5 screen size. The 4.5 inch screen size is proving to be very popular, and seems to be the perfect balance between size and usability. Our review model was kindly supplied by the great team here.

    Regarding screen size, if given the choice we are still very fond of the Morefine S6's 1920x1080 FHD 6.5 inch screen, but sometimes people don't want such a size in their pocket for day to day use, and this is where the Jiayu G5 Advanced comes in.

    The Jiayu G5 Advanced features a 720p Retina screen with Corning Gorilla Glass II. For the full specifications of the Jiayu G5 Advanced, visit the specifications thread here. For more pictures of the Jiayu G5 Advanced, visit the pictures thread here. To buy the Jiayu G5 Advanced from the apadtv recommended buy link visit and buy from here.

    The Jiayu G5 Advanced comes pre-rooted, so there is no need to search around for a rooting method, and you can jump straight into adding all of your Favorite apps right off the bat, the moment you power up the device, fresh from the box.

    The standby time on the Jiayu G5 Advanced we obtained was 2.5 days with a reasonable variety of different uses interspersed between activity. This included phone calls, 3G data, Internet browsing, video playback, listening to audio and taking photos. In summary the Jiayu G5 Advanced is a beautiful phone. Care and attention has been given in it's design and construction, including small touches, such as the pre-rooted firmware. apadtv recommends this phone and here is the best place to buy it now.

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    by Published on 11-14-2013 05:21 PM
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    We are very excited at apadtv today as our Hyundai T10s Review sample has just arrived and we've been checking it out for this Hyundai T10s review. The Hyundai T10 was one of our most favourite tablets when we reviewed it just after it was relased some months back, so we're very interested to see if the Hyundai T10s can stand up to the reputation of the previous model.

    First off the thing we noticed is that the screen resolution on the Hyundai T10s is perfect for gaming. Running at a resolution of 1280x800 the image quality looks fine and at this resolution the games play very smooth. The screen is IPS and viewing angles are at a 2013 standard for a good screen. The CPU board inside is a MTK8389 Quad Core with four Cortex A7 cores. Storage memory is 16GB, which is used by the installed Android Jelly Bean OS and also for storage.

    The Hyundai T10s has built-in 3G and also a quite unique function for a ten inch Android tablet, and that is the built-in phone functionality. The casing on the T10s is a silver coated alloy casing, which also helps keep the tablet cool by dissipating heat. One of the big features we found on the Hyundai T10S is the high capacity battery inside, for a large powerful tablet we where surprised to see that the battery is rated at 7200 mAh which will give roughly 6 to 8 hours depending on the use, which is really good for a large power hungry ten inch model.

    To check out the full specifications of the Hyundai T10s, visit this specs thread here. To view more pictures of the Hyundai T10s, check out this pictures thread here. To order the Hyundai T10s visit this apadtv recommended buy link. Stay tuned to apadtv for all the latest reviews and Android tablet and phone details and be sure to like and share this review using the social media buttons below or above.

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    by Published on 10-30-2013 02:15 PM
    1. China Tablet News

    apadtv has just launched its new Ugoos Firmware Download Archive. Updated regularly with all of the latest firmware for the entire range of Mini PCs and Android TV boxes from Ugoos. You can find the Ugoos Firmware Download Archive in the Download section of apadtv (direct link to the Ugoos archive here).

    Also don't forget that the apadtv Ugoos officially endorsed technical support forums can be found here.

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    by Published on 10-30-2013 08:36 AM
    1. China Tablet News

    TeamGee Firmware Download Archive announced. apad.tv will now be maintaining a download archive of all TeamGee Firmware. Each time a TeamGee firmware is sent to apad.tv for distribution, we will instantly update the TeamGee Firmware Archive. Expect the first few ROMS to arrive any day now. Also we will be maintaining a download section for TeamGee custom ROM Firmware within the same download archive. View the apadTV download area for other firmware downloads and here is a direct link to the apadtv TeamGee Firmware Download Archive.

    Feel free to comment or ask questions. apad.tv recommends DealsPrime.com as your no.1 supplier of TeamGee Tablet PCs.

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    by Published on 10-08-2013 06:41 AM
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    Its with pleasure that I present to you apadtv's ibex H05 Handheld Gaming Tablet Review. This is a video review. Please feel free to ask any questions below and comment. In the review we go over the features of the H05 and give it a full inspection. Don't forget to like our video and subscribe to the apad.tv YouTube channel. Also pop over to the apadtv official Twitter account for instant updates the moment we post some big news. Use the Twitter share buttons above or below this post to instantly go to the Twitter page.

    Buy ibex H05 Handheld Gaming Tablet

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    by Published on 09-29-2013 07:12 AM
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    I had a chance to spend a few hours today checking out the new Quad-Core Newman K2 Phone. The new Newman (oohh I won't say that again!) smartphone comes with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and has a 3G WCDMA built-in modem. The K2 has GPS and inside the heart of this pretty beast is a MT6589T (turbo!) 1.5GHz CPU board.

    One of the main aspects of the Newman K2 is the stunningly beautiful screen, which is 5.5" and operates at a slick 1920x1080 pixel resolution. The main camera on the K2 is 13.0MP. So plenty of clarity for all your snaps while you're out and about.

    "How is the screen on this hi-resolution screened phone" I hear you say, "is it clear and well defined??" The screen is FHD and is currently the best type of screen you can find on a smartphone. With 16 million colors and ultra crisp tones and perfect definition the screen is my favorite aspect of this new phone.

    When looking at the pictures of the Newman K2 you can see it's quite a plush handset with nice curves and the specs do provide the cherry on the cake when summarizing this new smartphone. So in summery the Newman K2 looks to be a very popular new Android phone with some excellent late 2013 level specifications. Oh and "what is the price?" I hear you say, check out DealsPrime.com as they are offering the Newman K2 at a special price right now.

    Check out the full specifications thread and also check out the pictures thread here.

    apadtv recommended Newman K2 buy link

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    by Published on 09-26-2013 04:32 AM
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    Hot on the heels of the news about the ten inch (10.1") TeamGee Super 8 T1 8 Core tablet PC, we now have news of the new N1 9.7" 8 Core Android Tablet from TeamGee.
    The TeamGee Super8 N1 is a 9.7" beast of a tablet sporting similar specifications to the now released Super8 E1.

    With an 8 Core CPU the Super8 N1 9.7" Android tablet is benchmarking a massive 27 to 30K point on Antutu, that's raw unbrideled power, backed up by a top of the line PowerVR GPU. The N1, like all of TeamGee's new tablets is the first range of Android tablets featuring USB 3.0. Offering super fast USB 3.0 transfer speeds of up to 5 Gbps.

    Stay tuned to apad.tv for the following news on the new TeamGee Super8 N1 8 Core Tablet PC:

    (Coming Soon)
    Super8 N1 Full Specifications
    Super8 N1 Pictures
    Super8 N1 Buy Link
    Super8 N1 Video Review

    N1 Info Updates*
    Screen Resolution 2058x1536 IPS
    CPU Speed 1.8 GHz per-core!
    Dual Cameras 2MP + 8MP
    Built-in 3G (+WCDMA) + Full Phone Functionality (Quad-Band GSM)
    USB 3.0
    HDMi v1.4 Output port. (Watch movies games or use the UI via HDMi on a SD or HD TV).
    16GB System/Storage ROM
    2GB DDR3 RAM

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