• Nvidia Shield Clone Details Leaked

    It was only a question of time before a China electronics factory decided to produce a clone of the much sort after Nvidia Shield. The Nvidia shield is only available from the USA at present and Europe is currently waiting on tender hooks for news on if there will be enough devices to also flood the UK first and then other European locations right after.

    So there is a large gap of nations who don't even know when they will be getting one of these nicely built ergonomic Android handsets from Nvidia, so the market gap for a good quality clone is huge.

    So as Nvidia CPU board chipset Android devices have been available for quite sometime, it seems no surprise to hear that a factory is currently working on a prototype clone of the Nvidia Shield.

    Whether the Nvidia Shield clone will have the exact specifications as the real Nvidia Shield is currently unknown, but stay tuned to apad.tv for more details of this exciting new clone.


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