• Hyundai T7 Review with Benchmarks

    I got my hands on the new Hyundai T7 Tablet PC and filmed this review for you all. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments section. Feels like a large custom Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

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    1. iloveorphan's Avatar
      Awesome Hyundai T7 review. thank you the sharing.
    1. aPadTVadmin's Avatar
      New Hyundai T7 Firmware update download has just been posted in the Hyundai forum: http://www.apad.tv/apadforum/showthr...cial-Stock-ROM

      V2.19 Stock
    1. p3t's Avatar
      I was just wondering whether the Tablet can only be charged through the regular charger or whether the USB would do so as well? I'm really tempting on buying one after all the good reviews ... just try to make everything clear
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