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  1. Flytouch 10 Versus Ainol Novo9 Spark Benchmark Comparison

    More details will be posted on Saturday regarding technical differences. Meanwhile feel free to check out each product's respective product pages that can be found on with links below:

    Spark Specifications

    Flytouch 10 Specifications

  2. Flytouch 5 Buying Guide

    Hello everyone, I recently posted a Flytouch 5 Buying guide, detailing what to look for and where. Including tips to save you from being scammed. The Video is embedded on this page. If you want to buy a flytouch 5, this is the video for you.

    Also some more news regarding ibex packaging. Now with many ibex tables available, for enviromental reasons all tablets will soon be packaged in the ibex Tablet Computer box. This packaging ...
  3. ibex Flytouch 5 Review

    Accompanying this written review are a number of videos. As each video is uploaded, a link will be posted within this review. the review also has an accompanying thread which can be found Here in the flytouch 5 sub-forum.

    To start this review lets first analyse the specifications. First things of note are the new powerful Cortex A8 CPU, new faster more efficient GPS chipset and the overall ultra light weight of the tablet (660 ...