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  1. Tengda H05 Gaming Android Tablet Arrived (PSP like!)

    A Tengda H05 Handheld Android Gaming tablet arrived at apadtv today for video review. So stay tuned and expect a full review to appear sometime today! It's very PSP like! With built in control pad, plenty of buttons and a touch screen. It also features Dual Sim standby and has full phone functionality!

  2. Mars i2 Mini PC (also known as the Mara i2) Arrived

    Ippli Mars i2 Mini PC arrived today and I'm preparing it for a video review. A nice well made dongle with detachable antenna (this means you can also attach other antennas to the antenna port if you want to!).

    Quad Core with XBMC support. I will be testing this function out and seeing how it plays. Stay tuned for more details.

  3. Flytouch 5 Receives Android 4.0.3 Stock & Custom ROMS

    The ibex Flytouch 5 now has a stable large user base. Recently the Stock Android 4.0.3 ICS update was released and this has now come out of beta and been made available for download from the flytouch 5 support forum.

    But not only has the FT5 now got 4.0.3 ICS update, its also got an excellent custom modified ROM created by user Gaboros, who is now a well known developer in the Android Tablet scene. His work is supported
    by veteran ROM developers like FlanFlinger ...
  4. Android and me

    The superpad2 is my foray into android development. With a background in computer engineering and a Commercial pilot by profession i Ive been a tech savvy person.

    My adventure with android began 6 months ago with my first android device "My samsung galaxy 3". What intrigued me the most was how cheap these devices were. I was hooked. The next few months i was quite busy. Ive always been interested in customising everything i have. Stock devices are for ordinary people, I ...