1. Will buy GooPhone i5 V2 Android 4.1.5 2 GHz and post Hands on Review

    This phone is looking very awesome, I've decided to buy one for myself and DealsPrime have invited me to go and check out the GooPhone i5 V2 the day it arrives in stock fresh from the factory.

    So everyone can expect a full write up, video review and detailed specs checking. If there are any system specs you'd like specifically checked via specification checking tools, please comment below ...
  2. Flytouch 5 Buying Guide

    Hello everyone, I recently posted a Flytouch 5 Buying guide, detailing what to look for and where. Including tips to save you from being scammed. The Video is embedded on this page. If you want to buy a flytouch 5, this is the video for you.

    Also some more news regarding ibex packaging. Now with many ibex tables available, for enviromental reasons all tablets will soon be packaged in the ibex Tablet Computer box. This packaging ...
  3. ibex Flytouch 4 Capacitive Multi-touch Released - Built-in 3G Sim Support

    ibex have now released their Flytouch 4 Capacitive Multi-touch screen Android tablet computer. With a built-in 3G Sim slot and capacitive screen it offers a number of advantages over the Flytouch 3.
    firstly with the luxury of in-built 3G capability the tablet can be carried around without the need for any external dongles. Secondly the tablet can be used as a phone if wearing an earpiece connected to the headphone jack. The built in mic on the tablet captures the users audio, so a standard ...