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  3. iBex Facepad for Facebook Released - Exclusive Preview

    It's with great pleasure I bring you this exclusive preview of the new Facepad from iBex. The Facepad for Facebook is a purpose made tablet designed to be a social networking control centre, with a whole heap of other exciting possible uses thrown in for good measure. Starting off with Facebook, which is fully supported by Facepad's browser that supports for Java and Flash. Also with the Facebook Android app giving the user further freedom to choose. The Facebook is also great and has massive support ...
  4. Superpad 2 Flytouch 3 Android 2.2 Froyo 10 inch tablet Review

    A few days ago I had the pleasure of getting a new Superpad 2, also known as the Flytouch 3. The first thing you notice when you handle the Superpad 2 is the superior build quality of the casing and the plush buttons, compared to a ZT-180 1/2.

    The physical build quality of the Superpad 2 is instantly visible in comparison with the generic ZT-180 style Android tablet PC. I plan to do a Superpad 2 Versus ZT-180 2 comparison in the next few days, so keep a look out for that. for now though ...