1. ibex Flytouch 5 Review

    Accompanying this written review are a number of videos. As each video is uploaded, a link will be posted within this review. the review also has an accompanying thread which can be found Here in the flytouch 5 sub-forum.

    To start this review lets first analyse the specifications. First things of note are the new powerful Cortex A8 CPU, new faster more efficient GPS chipset and the overall ultra light weight of the tablet (660 ...
  2. Flytouch 5 Arrived for Testing & Review

    Today I collected the new official genuine ibex Flytouch 5 Tablet PC fresh from the ibex factory.

    I will be reviewing the unit over the next few days. So expect some good pictures, a full written review and one of my dodgey robot woman style voice over videos. So you can expect a lot of footage of showing how smooth the unit is and what new features it has in comparison with the FT3 or FT4.

    First off a little teaser of information is that it's supporting Skype Video ...