1. ibex Flytouch 5 Review

    Accompanying this written review are a number of videos. As each video is uploaded, a link will be posted within this review. the review also has an accompanying thread which can be found Here in the flytouch 5 sub-forum.

    To start this review lets first analyse the specifications. First things of note are the new powerful Cortex A8 CPU, new faster more efficient GPS chipset and the overall ultra light weight of the tablet (660 ...
  2. Collected FT4 Internal 3G firmware

    Currently uploading the firmware for Flytouch 4 3G multi-touch Capacitive.

    The firmware will be posted in the FT4 sub-forum shortly with a download link.
  3. ibex Flytouch 4 Capacitive Multi-touch Released - Built-in 3G Sim Support

    ibex have now released their Flytouch 4 Capacitive Multi-touch screen Android tablet computer. With a built-in 3G Sim slot and capacitive screen it offers a number of advantages over the Flytouch 3.
    firstly with the luxury of in-built 3G capability the tablet can be carried around without the need for any external dongles. Secondly the tablet can be used as a phone if wearing an earpiece connected to the headphone jack. The built in mic on the tablet captures the users audio, so a standard ...
  4. Important Flytouch 3 Buying Information

    Beware of Flytouch 3 scam sellers

    I felt today it was very important to warn fellow Android tablet users about a new phase in the clone wars of the Flytouch 3 apad tablet computer. The reason I decided to warn users of the danger of buying fake FT3ís is because Iíve been getting so many private messages from users who have been scammed recently by bogus sellers, and more importantly by some larger sites who are outright defrauding customers.

    So firstly I will detail why itís ...