1. TeamGee has just released new firmware for TeamGee E1 Android Tablet

    Today TeamGee sent apadtv new firmware (055224_59) for the TeamGee Super 8 E1 Android tablet.

    It's currently uploading and will be posted in the TeamGee Firmware Archive shortly.

  2. Another New Firmware Released for Hyundai T7 v2.26

    A few days ago the Hyundai T7 tablet pc received another firmware update. For all the details pop over to the new support thread for V2.26
  3. Ainol Fire Released Source code in December 2012

  4. GV20 Firmware Download links updated

    The GV20 V1 firmware download links have been updated on the thread's first post to point directly to the firmware which is located on the apad.tv server.
  5. Collected FT4 Internal 3G firmware

    Currently uploading the firmware for Flytouch 4 3G multi-touch Capacitive.

    The firmware will be posted in the FT4 sub-forum shortly with a download link.
  6. ibex A10w TegraPad HoneyComb Android 3.2 Update Released

    A welcome surprize greeted all owners of the ibex Tegrapad today with the release of Android 3.2 HoneyComb, as a free download firmware update. The Android 3.2 firmware update is available to download direct from apad.tv's ibex Tegrapad technical support forum which can be found here.

    ibex TegraPad Android 3.2 HoneyComb Firmware Update Download Link

    Buy Link for ibex TegraPad A10w Nvidia Tegra 2 Cortex A9 Tablet PC
  7. Flytouch 3 Honeycomb Custom Rom Competition

    As a few firmware gurus are now working on Honeycomb firmware for the Flytouch 3, apad.tv has teamed up with it's forum sponsors to host a competition for the creation and release of the first Honeycomb Firmware.

    The prize is currently set as a 10" Android 2.2 $250+ unspecified tablet computer (not a Flytouch3 or compatible) and a prize winning printed color certificate. The winning firmware will need to be a reasonably working, reasonably functional stable custom rom of Android ...
  8. Download Flytouch 3 Superpad 2 Firmware Archive

  9. Android .APK Downloads