New Tablet computer News

New Tablet computer News

  1. More Tablet PC News

    Now the steady flow of Android Phone news is coming in each day, it's now time to increase the amount of Android Tablet news, after all we are the home of the apad (Android pad!). Often featuring China tablet PCs, but not exclusive to, expect some juicy tablet news in May.

    Stay tuned this week and from here on in for a steady flow of Android tablet news.

  2. Another New Firmware Released for Hyundai T7 v2.26

    A few days ago the Hyundai T7 tablet pc received another firmware update. For all the details pop over to the new support thread for V2.26
  3. Will buy GooPhone i5 V2 Android 4.1.5 2 GHz and post Hands on Review

    This phone is looking very awesome, I've decided to buy one for myself and DealsPrime have invited me to go and check out the GooPhone i5 V2 the day it arrives in stock fresh from the factory.

    So everyone can expect a full write up, video review and detailed specs checking. If there are any system specs you'd like specifically checked via specification checking tools, please comment below ...
  4. Flytouch 10 Versus Ainol Novo9 Spark Benchmark Comparison

    More details will be posted on Saturday regarding technical differences. Meanwhile feel free to check out each product's respective product pages that can be found on with links below:

    Spark Specifications

    Flytouch 10 Specifications

  5. Monster Review Coming up for ibex UG802+ Elite Mini PC

    Just a heads up to let everyone know a monster review of the UG802+ Elite Mini PC from ibex is currently being put together. All the video footage and pictures where taken last night and I'm just putting it all together and making it ready to post.

    What a totally awesome little device the UG802+ is. Dual Core, Quad Core GPU, a lovely build of Android 4.0.4 which includes Adobe Flash 11.1

    The article will be posted to the front page of the forum within the next few ...
  6. Ainol Novo 7 Aurora IPS Review

    Coming soon will be a full review and video selection on the Ainol Novo 7 Aurora IPS Tablet PC. This tablet is hot from the factory today and will arrive for review with the next few hours.

    One of the most significant features you will notice straight away with the new Aurora tablet is that it features an IPS touch screen. the type they use in the Apple iPad2.

    Updated 01-14-2012 at 02:34 PM by aPadTVadmin (Add Video and Picture)

    New Tablet computer News
  7. ibex Flytouch 5 Review

    Accompanying this written review are a number of videos. As each video is uploaded, a link will be posted within this review. the review also has an accompanying thread which can be found Here in the flytouch 5 sub-forum.

    To start this review lets first analyse the specifications. First things of note are the new powerful Cortex A8 CPU, new faster more efficient GPS chipset and the overall ultra light weight of the tablet (660 ...
  8. Beware of Fake so called FlyTouch 6 Superpad 6

    Beware of some rogue sellers pushing cloned versions of the Flytouch 5. Calling them the Flytouch 6. I've today tested one of these fake units, they have 1200 mAh batteries and the most unclear screens I've ever seen before. Not worth the money at all. Avoid the flytouch 6 at all costs.

    Here is there flytouch 6 warning thread:

    It is the iBex Flytouch ...
  9. Best Place to Buy Flytouch 4

    Click image for larger version

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    As some of your may have already noticed. aPad.TV has added another sponsor. is a great place to buy the new Flytouch 4 and 5, and they also sell the Flytouch 3. They also have a great selection of Flytouch tablet add-ons.
  10. ibex A10w TegraPad HoneyComb Android 3.2 Update Released

    A welcome surprize greeted all owners of the ibex Tegrapad today with the release of Android 3.2 HoneyComb, as a free download firmware update. The Android 3.2 firmware update is available to download direct from's ibex Tegrapad technical support forum which can be found here.

    ibex TegraPad Android 3.2 HoneyComb Firmware Update Download Link

    Buy Link for ibex TegraPad A10w Nvidia Tegra 2 Cortex A9 Tablet PC
  11. ibex Flytouch 4 Capacitive Multi-touch Released - Built-in 3G Sim Support

    ibex have now released their Flytouch 4 Capacitive Multi-touch screen Android tablet computer. With a built-in 3G Sim slot and capacitive screen it offers a number of advantages over the Flytouch 3.
    firstly with the luxury of in-built 3G capability the tablet can be carried around without the need for any external dongles. Secondly the tablet can be used as a phone if wearing an earpiece connected to the headphone jack. The built in mic on the tablet captures the users audio, so a standard ...
  12. Important Flytouch 3 Buying Information

    Beware of Flytouch 3 scam sellers

    I felt today it was very important to warn fellow Android tablet users about a new phase in the clone wars of the Flytouch 3 apad tablet computer. The reason I decided to warn users of the danger of buying fake FT3ís is because Iíve been getting so many private messages from users who have been scammed recently by bogus sellers, and more importantly by some larger sites who are outright defrauding customers.

    So firstly I will detail why itís ...
  13. Android 3.1 Leaked in China

    The Android 3.1 firmware for the Iconia Tab A500 which includes the tegra 2 chipset has been leaked in China. Pipping iBex at the post who where already working on the 3.1 release for their Tegrapad tablet.

    Here are more details of the leak which was posted on the XDA forums and featured recently front page on Engadget.

    "The update for the Acer Iconia 10-inch Tegra ...
  14. iBex Facepad for Facebook Released - Exclusive Preview

    It's with great pleasure I bring you this exclusive preview of the new Facepad from iBex. The Facepad for Facebook is a purpose made tablet designed to be a social networking control centre, with a whole heap of other exciting possible uses thrown in for good measure. Starting off with Facebook, which is fully supported by Facepad's browser that supports for Java and Flash. Also with the Facebook Android app giving the user further freedom to choose. The Facebook is also great and has massive support ...
  15. Superpad 2 Flytouch 3 Android 2.2 Froyo 10 inch tablet Review

    A few days ago I had the pleasure of getting a new Superpad 2, also known as the Flytouch 3. The first thing you notice when you handle the Superpad 2 is the superior build quality of the casing and the plush buttons, compared to a ZT-180 1/2.

    The physical build quality of the Superpad 2 is instantly visible in comparison with the generic ZT-180 style Android tablet PC. I plan to do a Superpad 2 Versus ZT-180 2 comparison in the next few days, so keep a look out for that. for now though ...